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We're training experts

We've been training teams since 1999 across all industries, not just water.

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We’ve taught thousands of people how to really get to know their customers, give them the advice they need and get their accounts back in the black.


We don’t believe in off the shelf programmes, instead we tailor every aspect of our courses to you. This means you get in depth training that’s designed just for you.

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Who do we do it for?

We work with all sorts of utility companies and local authorities.


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What do we do?

We cover all aspects of customer service training.


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Our results

We get results that really make a difference.


Who do we do it for?

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Water companies

Anglian Water
Northumbrian Water
Severn Trent Water
South Staffordshire Water
South West Water
Southern Water
Thames Water
United Utilites
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Local authorities

The Gateshead Housing Company
Homes For Islington
Islington Council
Kirklees Neighbourhood Housing
Leeds City Council
Sheffield City Council
Sunderland City Council
Tower Hamlets Homes
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Energy Companies

Co-Operative Energy
EDF Energy
npower Energy

What do we do?

We're licenced by City & Guilds and CPMI to run as a City & Guilds Approved Centre. This means we can offer qualifications including Orbit Diplomas, City & Guilds Licentiateships (LCGI) and City & Guilds Graduateships (GCGI).


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The customer service habit

You've got a great team, you want to make them even better. One way is to improve your overall customer handling and ensure everyone's working the same way.

Our customer service habit training gives your team the skills, knowledge, attitude and behaviour habits they need to deal with challenging situations. By getting to know your business inside and out, we can show you the best ways to manage any moment.

We like our workshops to be interactive and creative. Stale scripts are not our order of the day – instead each team member can write the words that will pack the punch – and there are plenty of real-life role plays to keep everyone motivated.

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Cash/debt collection training

There's more to collecting debt than taking payment. At Orbit, we believe in making sure customers can choose affordable options to get themselves out of debt.

Our training gives your team the tools to collect debt with confidence. Starting with data management, all the way through to exemplary customer service, this bespoke programme teaches how to be effective


One day cash collection learning

One day. Seven modules. Infinite insight.

Our one day London course is ideal for anyone wanting to boost their collection performance. Whether you're new to collecting, speaking to members of the public or trade who've fallen behind with their payments or need to refresh your skills, you'll lean the most effective ways to collect money.

There are exercises and role plays and a workbook that covers the seven key modules including:

  • the power of assertiveness
  • the 6 steps of an effective call structure
  • overcoming excuses
  • payment priorities and the choices people make
  • questioning techniques
  • encouraging payment and causing concern
  • how to negotiate effectively
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Individual/team quality scoring, coaching & development

Take advantage of our years of experience. Let us assess your team members and coach them to industry leading standards, through personal development plans, 12 hours a day support and one to one feedback sessions.


Performance management

YLead by example with the very best managers at the helm. Our performance management programme is designed to unlock their potential and improve business productivity and performance.

There's a combination of workshops and one to one coaching over a fixed period of time so you can get down to business. You can set targets and objectives that will be linked to a subjective 'Operation Performance Review'.

Junior, middle and senior level managers can all attend.

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Interim operational management

Finding experienced and talented managers can be hard, especially at short notice. Whether you need someone for a short time or a long time, Orbit can help with:

  • strengthening existing management teams
  • caretaking while you're recruiting someone new
  • improving ongoing initiatives
  • coaching and supporting new managers
  • managing a crisis
  • reviewing processes
  • supporting the implementation of new systems
  • setting up internal or external debt centres
  • developing strategies and MIS
    • Just give us a call.

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If you'd simply like to check in on what's working well and what's not working so well, our general consultancy could be exactly what you need. We'll go as deep as you need us to and wrap everything up with a report that covers:

  • full, departmental and individual business reviews
  • productivity scoring
  • management information analysis
  • target setting and benchmarking
  • team and individual focus groups
  • workload forecasting
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Train the trainer

Want to train your own teams? We develop programmes for your In-House trainers so they can deliver tiptop courses and become Orbit accredited and licensed.

What's typically involved? First, your In-House Trainer will experience your company's workshop as a delegate. Then, there's five days training on the material and how to deliver it before they'll lead workshops alongside one of our trainers.

All the workshops are observed and there's plenty of support on hand with assessments and feedback throughout the training. It finishes with formal accreditation.


Discovery process

Are you looking for an outside perspective? Our free discovery process gives you exactly that.

We'll come onsite and meet you and your colleagues to:

  • establish your short and long term business challenges
  • get to know your current processes and targets
  • spend time with your employees
  • watch how you work day to day
  • give you our best industry practice recommendations

Data management & protection

How you treat data is vital to your business. With technology constantly evolving, it's becoming harder and harder to police how it's stored. And with data transfers taking place quicker than ever and legislation changing all the time, getting it right is business critical.

Our City & Guilds accredited programme gives all management levels a portfolio of data management and protection skills that will help them get security under their belt.


Finance for non-finance managers

Not everyone's great at numbers but this course helps non-finance employees see how everyday decisions can have a financial impact. We'll train your team about operational costs, the company cash flow, the importance of getting it right first time and taking ownership of situations without passing the buck.

Our results

Our work has a direct result on your operations and we can give you instant return on investments. Here’s just a few of the good things our clients have to say about us:

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"We are delighted with the results following the recent training Orbit has provided to our collection teams. We have seen a significant increase in collections which has contributed to achieving annual targets, a reduction in repeat calls which can only lead to better customer satisfaction."


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"Orbit’s training program seems to strike the right balance between obtaining payments, securing sustainable arrangements and maintaining respect for the customer; all of which are paramount in a heavily regulated industry, where a focus on SIM league tables has introduced a need for a more customer centric approach to debt collection. Orbit appear to have adapted well to the new measurements and the ever shifting landscape."

Severn Trent Water

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"Even the most experienced staff have benefited enormously from Orbit training and as a manager I am delighted with the sharp upturn in amounts collected especially in these difficult times."

Sunderland City Council

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"As well as a real improvement to cash, at least a 30% improvement in cash collection as a result of the training and consolidation, there have been significant improvements in data collection, customer service and the collector's productivity and performance. A real sense of focus, buzz and energy that the training has created has been infectious."

United Utilities

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"Without exception all of our collectors found the training stimulating, meaningful and different but also great fun. As a result of the coaching and consolidation we have already seen a marked improvement in our debt collection performance, increasing cash collected by 17% during the first 3 months following the training. All of our collectors have found a new enthusiasm for the job, they are proud to be debt collectors with no stigma attached."

Northumbrian Water

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"We have used Orbit services Ltd for 18 months, to provide crucial assertiveness and negotiation training to our debt collectors and field agents. Orbit, have the ability to provide exactly what we feel we need. Professional, high-energy training which reflects our culture and the way we wish to do business. Without exception the feedback we get is that our staff are highly motivated by the training they receive. This is a fundamentally important outcome, which is very difficult to achieve. Julie Hopwood the company MD has carried out a number of our training courses herself which highlights her commitment to providing her customers with the service they require."

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